July 14, 2011

New Project: Leather Badge

I had a day off from work today because one of the princesses of Thailand decided to grace our city with her royal presence. Works for me...you're always welcome here, princess....come again! :-)
"Idle hands are the devil's playground" they say. Not for me! I started a little project I had in my mind for some time now: to place the same logo of my tank (the one that is still at the paint shop) on the back of my leather jacket.
So I went out and got myself some scrap leather from the local shoemaker for 100Baht, cut out the various pieces and glued them back together with some rubber adhesive. Now I just have to stitch them on the jacket.

Here is how to do it:

1# Find some scraps of leather of different colours

2#  Print your logo and make sure it's the right size

3#  Next, cut the paper logo into smaller pieces and use them to cut out the corresponding leather pieces

4# Make sure all the pieces fit before you glue them together

5# Now it's time to glue and for a better fit I used a couple of clamps


6# Now it's time to glue it on the jacket and start stitching away

7# The finished logo
Not perfect, but that's what's "handmade" is all about, right?

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Thommy Sub said...

super! hoamwerker king