October 22, 2016

We live in exciting times

We definitely live in exciting times. Pessimists will tell you the global situation is but a glimpse of the imminent Armageddon, but I've always been an optimist. For me the tank is always half full.

If you, like me, have been living in Thailand for the past 10 years, then you know that there has never been such a variety of easily accessible bikes on the market right now. There is literally something for every taste and wallet. Like I said, EXCITING!

Today's post is not about the marketplace, though. It is about a very specific bike, namely MY NEXT BIKE! YESSSSS

My current bike is a 2009 Kawasaki ER6n I bought 2 years ago. Read the story here.
At that time it was the best value for money and it was indeed a great bike, reliable and fun. I like it a lot, but that's exactly it....I like it, but I don't love it. I've always been attracted by classic bikes. In fact, all my bikes were made in the past millennium, except for the ER.
I could give you a list of rational explanations, but the short (and most significant) reason is simply that I've fallen in love, and my new love is called...
Street Twin!

Last week I went to the nearest Triumph dealer and tested all their bikes, but the ST was the bike I had in mind from the beginning. Turns out it was like I hoped it would be, and more.

Testing the bike's capability with a passenger. Thanks Colm for riding bitch!

Next step is selling the ER to make space for the ST.

By now you may wonder "How does he get away with buying another bike? Isn't he married?"
Well yes, I am indeed, but like every good (married) bike collector, over time I have refined my arsenal of tactics to break down the inevitable resistance.

If you're a newbie in collecting bikes, you might want to check out this helpful video :-)

And with that, I salute you and wish you pleasant rides, wherever you are.

September 18, 2016

Triumph seats OVERLOOOOAAADDD !!!

JP Vintage has been hard at work lately and now comes out, guns blazing, with a selection 10 (yes, ten!) new seats for the new Triumph models: Street Twin, T120 and Thruxton R.

The quality, as it's their habit, is always top notch. This, combined with their trademark stylish design, makes the JP custom seats what they are and a top seller in SE Asia and around the world.

To celebrate this new addition to the Omega Racer shop, we're happy to offer a 15% discount on all new Street Twin, T120 and Thruxton seats. Just use this code during the checkout process:

Find your new seat HERE!

Just have a look at some of the feedback we had:

 It's slightly softer and more comfortable than the original and gives a lovely custom look. Quality is outstanding and I know it'll last a long time. Markus from Omega Racer speaks good English and always replies promptly. Would recommend. (Dave)
Thought I'd show you some pics of the Triumph seat I ordered through you...thanks so much. It is really well made and has fantastic detailing. The spray and cloth were a nice touch as well. All in all, absolutely chuffed! (James)

August 30, 2016

Jessada Techink Museum - 7 years later

Jesada is Thailand's biggest classic car and motorcycle museum and best of all, the entrance is free of charge. The first time I went to Jesada Museum was about 7 years ago, 2 years before starting this blog.
In these 7 years the museum has changed in several ways. The main show 'room' is now better organized, a bit larger and completely covered by a newly installed tin roof. I just can't understand why, after spending so much money collecting these rare vehicles and renovating the whole place, they left the top of the side walls open! Rain, humidity, wind and animals can enter the place and make a mess, if not outright damage the exhibits. Which is what happened.
I remember a splendid Honda Dream50 the first time I went there. Seeing it now, 7 years on, brought a tear to my eye...covered in spots of rust, dust and bird droppings...so sad. A similar fate fell on many other sweet vehicles.
That said, I still love looking at the cool cars and bikes. Another addition to the museum was to create more space for the buses, helicopters and airplanes that weren't accessible last time around.

I found it particularly interesting boarding a big old Thai military plane and a full sized Thai airways plane from the 80s (I think). Don't ask me what they were...I have no clue. The plane wasn't open for visitors actually, but since there was absolutely nobody around, I sneaked in anyway. Sorry about that Mr Jesada....I just couldn't resist! :-)

All in all, it was a nice road trip with my friends and the museum is definitely worth visiting. I do hope they will improve the site the keep those precious wheels for many years to come.

For more info about the museum and directions to find it, please follow this link.

And now, get ready for a wagon load of rusty gold pictures!

The entrance

One of the many micro and mini cars on show

A completely vulcanized passenger seat on a Moto Guzzi Galletto

This is what I call rusty GOLD

This cool scooter had lots of stickers from all over Germany


A nice collection of vintage pedal cars and push bikes

Brothers in crime

The Honda Dream50 (2 actually)

Love that front end

Love this rear end

Big ass rear view mirror

The plane I wasn't supposed to board.... :-)

Pretty much wrecked, but still cool to sit down and pretend to be 10 again