December 14, 2015


The NSR150SP with single swingarm is a bike that has gained a cult status here in Thailand since it hit the Thai market in 1997.

From Wikipedia:
The Honda NSR 150 SP is considered an introductory-level motorcycle, and featured technology unprecedented before on such a small bike. This includes Honda's famous pro-Arm suspension, RC valves, and Nika-Sil coated cylinders. The model was designed with a "big bike" look, and featured Repsol colours in a tribute to Michael Doohan. It has a power of 39 bhp (29 kW) from its 150 cc engine.
An NSR 150 SP currently holds the Bonneville land speed record for production 175 cc motorcycles at 104.4 mph.
A splendid NSR by Tyga, the leading aftermarket shop for NSR's

39hp is most likely a wishful dream, but the more realistic 30hp are still plenty to propel this lightweight bike (130kg) to over 160kmh, and in some cases over 200kmh!
The story goes that in 1997, the NSR was well received but due to its high price, sales didn't perform as well as expected. After that, the unsold bikes were shipped to other markets were they sold better, mainly Australia but also Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

When I was 16 I had a Gilera SP02 125cc 2 stroker, basically a street legal racing bike. That's actually not just a was the first bike my brother used to race in the 125cc Sport Production category.
Needless to say that the SP02 left a big impression on this 16 year old!

I guess I must have hit the dreaded mid-life crisis, because I started longing for those good old times of 2 stroke madness. Enter my first ever Honda: the NSR150SP, of course.
Papers's mine!!
As I already said in a previous post, I found this fine specimen after a few months of casual searches online. She's no green leaf with her almost 70.000km on the clock, that's for sure, but the engine is running great so far.
The only changes I've done until now, is to change the tires with IRC tires of the proper size and softer compound and to replace the dead tired rear shock with a very nice YSS with external gas canister. 2 changes that have given the bike a great improvement.

Got myself a service stand from "N-Factory", on Facebook. Good quality and service, fast shipping....recommended. Price was 1.700Baht, shipping included.
Also found a fiberglass cover to replace the pillion seat, which should arrive this week.

And now a few side notes related to the NSR.
First off, the amazing place where I took my bike for some TLC, run by an ex racer who now modifies mostly underbone 2 stokers for drag racing. Just have a look at all those trophies gathering dust in his garage. Quite impressive.

Second side note: Do you remember the massive floods in Thailand in 2011? 
Well, guess which bike found a second incarnation as a submarine?

Final side note:
When you realize that the NSR is even Batman's bike of choice, you know you've bought a keeper.
Batman got nabbed by the 'boys in brown'
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