March 7, 2018

Angry Lane - Helmet Safe Bag - Review

I'm not going to let you read through the whole story to get to my conclusion. I'll tell you straight away: it's one of my best ever (bike related) buys, ever.

You know how it spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect helmet for your oddly shaped head, asked friends for their opinions, read and watched hundreds of reviews and finally spent lots of money to get your hands on it. It doesn't just keep your noggin safe, its style shows what kind of biker you are and it becomes an extension of your own Self. So you get attached to it, you care for it, even love it ....and eventually develop a paranoia every time you have to leave it behind.

There are various ways of silencing the nagging voices inside your head, telling you that someone's about to nick your beloved helmet.

  • Get a top box. A solution for the practical riders among us who don't care if they completely ruin the bikes lines. Pros: the helmet is protected and safe. Cons: Your sense of style will be forever questioned
  • Lock the helmet on the bike. Use a chain or bike lock to secure it on the bike. Pros: fast, inexpensive. Cons: helmet is exposed to sun and rain, it's visible therefore in danger of being stolen.
  • Take it with you. Pros: your precious is by your side. Cons: A literal PITA.
  • Get a helmet safe bag!

Sorry, what was that? A safe bag?
Hell yesssss! Get a bloody safe bag from Angry Lane and all your paranoia will be a thing of the past. It was like this for me and that's why I love it so much.

So, what makes it so cool?
The bag is made of 3 layers: an inner lining to keep your helmet scratch free, a sheathed stainless steel cable mesh to keep it safe and an outer waterproof layer to keep it dry.
So what you do, is you just take out the bag from its carrying pouch, put your helmet inside and lock it with the included 3 digits padlock onto your bike. It takes all of 2 to 3 minutes from start to end and your peace of mind.

I've used it during my last 2 trips and I'm very happy with it, hence my honest recommendation here. (I'm not getting paid for this!). I just think it's a great invention and something that was definitely missing in my inventory.
I was lucky to get it at 25$ because I supported their Kickstarter project, but even at 99.95$ it's still a good buy in my opinion. 
Check out Angry Lane's website for more info.