December 15, 2017

Best US Roads for a Motorcycle trip

A bike trip through the US is on many biker's bucket list. It certainly is on mine.
Let's have a look at these amazing places to get our imagination rolling.

The wind rushing past your face, the fresh air around you, the winding roads, and of course the
adventure. These are the best parts of any good motorcycle trip, and any adventurous biker is dying
for the next big thrill. Any bike trip can turn into a great adventure, but the best ones need the best roads
-- amazing sites, twists and turns, and stunning views. We’ve compiled a list of just that.
Across the United States, there are roads just asking for you and your bike to come for a ride, so check
out our list of the best roads for a motorcycle trip.

1. Route 50 George Washington Highway, West Virginia

Imagine winding your way through the twists and turns of rural USA. That’s exactly what this road gives
you. This trip is best in the fall as the cool wind whips past you and the orange leaves fall from the trees
in rural West Virginia. The George Washington Highway goes past sites like Monongahela National
Forest, home to hiking trails, waterfalls, and lakes all atop the mountains, and the Cathedral State Park,
home to spooky tree-lined paths and more lakes. Make this a true adventure by continuing on to the
Blue Ridge Parkway to wind your way through the roads overlooking drop offs from the Great Smoky

2. Needles Highway, South Dakota

Another winding rural highway, this road takes you past some of the most stunning scenery the
continental United States has to offer. Lose yourself as you wind through the towering granite rock
towers and dark granite tunnels. Not to mention, of course, all the wildlife South Dakota is home to --
bison, mountain lions, and more. This road even brings you to the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally,
which draws in over 700,000 bikers every August. This is a bike trip you really just can’t miss.

3. Beartooth Pass, Wyoming

Over the hills and through the woods on the motorcycle ride we go. This road takes you up and down
sloping mountains, past rushing rivers, through the forest, and into the wilderness of Wyoming.
Described as the biker’s version of a roller coaster ride, this journey is the extreme biker’s biggest
adventure yet. If you’re a national park or nature lover, this road gets even better -- it leads you right to
the entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Watch Old Faithful erupt in front of your very eyes, or watch
the colors of Grand Prismatic Springs.

4. Cherohala Skyway, Tennessee

This empty, isolated highway is every biker’s dream. For 40 miles, the only things you’ll see are the
winding roads, kayakers in the river below, and you and your hog. Literally, for 40 miles, the only signs
of outside civilization are the occasional bathroom.The Cherohala Skyway travels between the cities of
Knoxville and Chattanooga in Eastern Tennessee and during the winter months can become quite
dangerous, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

5. Pacific Coast Highway, California

What sounds more fun than riding past the California’s beaches with the wind whipping past you? The
PCH, as its also known, brings you over the famous Golden Gate Bridge, through Big Sur  over the
Bixby Bridge (one of the tallest single-span concrete bridges) and past the beaches of , Santa Cruz,
Santa Barbara, Malibu and Orange County. From San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego,
California is full of incredible sites and cities, begging you to take that bike trip along the West Coast.