March 27, 2016

Sunmaster 14: rims, rearsets and FCR39

Has it ever happened to you that you were close to finishing a bike, and a friend comes along and says something along the line "Looks great, but it would look even better with bla bla bla". It happens to me a lot. Thanks to those friends I'm back in front of the PC, searching, comparing and buying that mystical part that will make my bike stand out from the masses.

My latest acquisitions are a set of lightweight Akront  rims. In truth, they are not that much lighter than the OEM rims, but they look sooo much better.

Next, I got some nice Peyton Place rearsets for a very good price by bidding on a Yahoo Japan auction. They are substantially higher and set back than the SR500 foot pegs. In addition, I won't have to fold the right foot peg anymore when kickstarting my bike.

Finally (finally, really?), another crowning jewel....a Keihin FCR39 carburetor. Probably the most popular and highest performing carburetor an SR can wish for. This I got from Krishan at Trojan Cycles in Japan.

So, what is left to do?
The carb still needs to be tuned. The brushed aluminium seat cowl is nearly finished. The guys at The Sports are covering it with genuine leather. It took them 3 months due to their very busy schedule, but as with everything else they do, I'm sure it will be perfect and well worth the wait.

The final design on the fairing is something that gives me considerable headaches. I must have drawn a dozen variations, but none satisfy me completely. Actually....If you're an artist or graphic designer and feel like you can contribute to this build, feel free to contact me! :-)

March 26, 2016

37th Bangkok Motor Show

This year the Motor Show had some really nice bikes. I was particularly attracted by the Triumph boot and must have stood there half an eternity to admire the new Street Twin and the T120.
Also this year, I didn't spend much time on bikes I would never consider buying...basically all sport bikes (MV F3 would be an exception, but they didn't even have a stand at the show.), all modern transformer styled abominations, cruisers and adventure bikes. What is left, you may ask. Well, classic styled bikes like the Triumphs really work for me. I also have a soft spot for small displacement bikes, the likes of GPX and Stallion had on show. The BMW RnineT is an all time favourite and dream bike.
So, the pictures below reflect this attitude and only show what I'm really interested in.

 The new T120 looks impressive.

Nice colour schemes too...

 The radiator doesn't look too invasive.

Nice solution for the seat cowl.

That's me on the Street Twin. Fits like a well fitting glove. :-)

15.000Baht for one saddle bag....I'd rather wait for SW Motech

Pretty in red

Absolutely stunning Thruxton R

The future of biking?

Yamaha SR400FI in 2 new colours.

 Very messy compared to a carburetor...

Special SR400fi by The Sports. The genuine leather bag is available @

Stallion bikes

The new Stallion CT400, very similar to the SR, but costs 115k instead of 265k Baht.

Cult underbone Suzuki Raider

Awkwardly styled Raider?

The new Suzuki SV. Overall looks great....

 ...apart from the massive and bulky radiator.

A 'monkied' MSX (Grom)

Honda 300cc cafe racer prototype.

Electro Cub


Now this is interesting. Here we have a Mike Hailwood Replica...the real thing...

And this is the limited edition MH Scrambler. Passable if seen from behind, but the front is terrible imo

 I'd rather have the Scrambler Classic

Still, no match for the RnineT...beautiful!

Welds to fall in love with

And how to fuck up a perfectly good bike

Not a bike, but 2 wheels nonetheless

OK, 4 wheels