April 2, 2012

Bike of the Week #37

All I know is that the engine comes from a Suzuki Savage 650

2nd SR Thailand Meeting

Just came back from Suphanburi, where the 2nd SR Thailand Meeting took place. Sponsored by srthailand.com and organized by it's webmaster Mappy (a.k.a. "M"), the meeting was once again a big success.  Hundreds of Yamaha SR's (and their owners) came together for a night of bikes, music and spirits (the ones in the bottles) (no, not genies, you muppet). Even Omega Racer had to carefully watch his thirst. Thankfully the resort and the bed were just around the corner!

More pictures on the official website:

See you next year, guys!

and 2 vids taken from youtube...

Poopae left her mark on my pipe!

yes darling, that's what happens when plastic meets awesomeness

proud to be the only "farang" (foreigner) ;-)

at the meeting place

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the only women I've seen riding...kudos!

that front end costs probably more than my whole bike

a beauty

something different

love this bike!

I really like sidecars, and this one's a black beauty

not so sure about the colour scheme, but the rest is amazing

what happened??

very nice (almost) original SR

hey sweety! Do I know you?

Goi and friends