August 27, 2013

New Ducati Scrambler 2013/14/15

So, Motorcycle News just published a new article about the new Ducati Scrambler 796 and I just can't stop drooling over it. Granted, it's not an official picture, but it's definitely enough to keep me dreaming that one day (soon) I will ride one.

MC goes on to say "The bike will be shown in finished form at the end of 2014 to go on sale for the following year along with a load of lifestyle accessories as the firm will be trying really hard to create a whole brand around the Scrambler name."

Yellow for me, please!! 

2015!! Looks like I have lots of time to save some dosh and convince my better half that we need a new bike. Well, if they decide to sell it in Thailand, that is.

Fingers crossed!


Jimmy C said...
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Jimmy C said...

I'll put one in my checked baggage and bring it to you from the USA!

Markus Pintzinger said...

I just read another article with an interview of a high brass Ducati guy, who stated that Ducati will focus on high end products only.
I hope it's just a heap of bovine excrements.