October 28, 2012

New Yamaha SR Cub

For 2013 Yamaha offers a new SR 400 line-up. It's called the SRC, where "C" stands for CUB. 

The SRC sports a very handy front basket for your groceries and a practical rear luggage rack, in case you have some bulkier luggage or a chubby mother in law.

The styling is awesome like all things SR, especially the lighthouse sized turning light. After all, safety comes first. Also very attractive are the leg spoilers, wind protectors, splash guards or whatever you want to call those to flaps. 

All in all I welcome this new addition. I guess it was time to bring new blood in a bike that hasn't seen any major changes (apart from the EFI in 2010) in it's 34 year history.

The SR is dead, long live the SR!

October 18, 2012

Best Craigslist Ad Ever

I came across this ad on craigslist titled "Green Machine in Excellent Condition". It got me curious so I checked it out. Turns out the ad is for a 2012 Yamaha Filano, which is not something I would usually consider buying, ever.
The best part though, was the description or rather the essay about the scooter. It is lengthy but it's worth reading it. I swear, after reading it, even I thought it would be a good idea buying the scooter!

Here it is:

Do you ever picture a life in which you weren't constantly rejected by taxi drivers that are "at the end of their shift" or are too afraid to take a fare because their car might shrink in the rain? Are you worried one of these days that motorcycle taxi is going to finally get your knee clipped sending you flying through oncoming traffic just because he had too many energy drinks? Would you like to put an end to those hectic skytrain rides during rush hour where otherwise innocent little old ladies turn into death machines of flying elbows?

Look no further because those days are behind you, replaced with peaceful cruises through Bangkok traffic with fresh air in your hair and the power of two dimensional travel a reality within your hands. Now you can flow through sois (small streets, O.R..) like hot butter through a hair net, carrying whatever, whenever, and where-ever you want (provided it's under 10kg), with the surefooted-ness of a mountain goat climbing the Empire State building (i.e wide tires).

The Green Machine (aka 2012 Yamaha Filano) propels you in total luxury with a full 110cc engine, plenty of space to stow bottles for those late night beer runs to 7/11, and a universal hook proven to work effectively for anything that's universally hook-able. You'll zig and zag with full peace of mind knowing the upgraded protection bars are giving you a full 2 cm of additional solid metal protection between you and car doors that seem to jump to life as you pass far too close than you would in any other country (note: protection bars are decorative only).

Ownership of this level of luxury also includes membership to the "safety conscious" helmet club with a matching "head dome" customized to fit no less than 43% of the population. A rugged chin strap further ensures your safety and leaves you with a sense of pride as you spend the next 2 hours with the impression of a chin-sized candy corn below your mouth.

Are you ready to tame the beast? Thus far the Green Machine has been the partner of only one man, able to harness it's power without a single mishap. Full legal documentation will make you smile with pride as if you just adopted a Cabbage Patch kid. The Green Machine has it's full life ahead of it with only 135 kms used mostly to maintain it's incredible trim figure. The control panel features a speedometer so you know how slow those other idiots are going when you fly past them, a gas gauge that goes all the way to "F" for freakin' awesome, and a comical image of a gas pump that will provide hours of amusement for you and the ladies (caution: likely get you some action).

Now you can be a part of the Green Machine dream and take over full ownership with 2 years of insurance including theft. This beast has every dealer upgrade available to make sure you feel like an emperor atop your noble steed. Heads will turn and ladies will flock to see the mystery man (or girl, or some variation in between) that arrives on such a proudly presented magic carpet with 2 wheels.

I guarantee the Green Machine will be the most fun you will ever have on 2 wheels or I'll personally send you an email with the words "SORRY MATE" in all caps which you can use to gloat about for hours of self-satisfied narcissistic behavior.

Now you're thinking to yourself, there is no way this kind of lifestyle is within the grasp of the average man with 55,000+ Thai baht in his hand. Wrong. I'm writing this to tell you it can be yours for just 45,000 Thai baht. That's more than 10,000 THB less than sticker price and with only 135 kms of accident free usage. That means the money you save can be used to start an OJ stand in an MRT station or a DVD outlet under a pedestrian bridge. Not only are you getting the best ride of your life, a loyal friend you can share all your secrets with, and the freedom of knowing you decide when you leave the bar; you're also getting a potential career!

Changing your life starts with one email. Get that out of the way and then drop me a line to get started on your Green Dream today. 

If you feel tempted like I was, go ahead and buy the thing! 

October 17, 2012

70s Racer Helmet

We have a new cool helmet available, bringing back the classic lines of the helmets in the 70s and 80s.

Available now at the Omega Racer Store!

October 16, 2012

The Call Of The Big Mountain

I've been longing for a solo bike trip for a long time and today, finally my dream came true.
Even though I had a late start I still managed to ride 370 km of great roads, enjoyed beautiful sceneries, lost 4.5l of gas, got rained on, spoke to a monk, had a smoke on the shore of a lake, rode through the biggest national park in Thailand, saw monkeys and other wild life....and still managed to arrive back home before sunset and in 1 piece.

Chachoengsao - Plaeng Yao - Kabinburi - Wang Nam Khiao - Mu Si - Khao Yai - Pratchinburi - Phanom Sarakam - Chachoengsao

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In the morning I strapped a 4.5l gas canister on the rack of my bike, because I didn't know where I would ride to and I like to have some spare gas when I'm out in the jungle. Obviously the canister wasn't strapped very well, because at the first real stop I had, I noticed it wasn't there anymore! Oh well, someone will enjoy some free gas....

at the holy stones I realized the canister had vanished

The trip was also a good opportunity to test my new riding gear. The Alpinestars tank bag did well, apart from the very weak magnets that should hold the bag down. They do, but only if you ride below 60km/h. Thankfully, I used the straps that came with the bag....problem solved.

The side bag was a lucky find. I've been trying to find online a saddlebag suitable for my bike but wasn't very happy with my findings. Either too big, too small, too much Harley D. or just too expensive. Until last week, when I found a nice and versatile promotional bag from Panasonic at the local market for 11$! It's perfect...or better, it would be if it were water proof...but hey, 11$!! :-)

pity for the unsightly rubbish...
 No, I didn't teleport myself to Italy. This is in Khao Yai, Thailand...a reproduction of a Tuscan village...pretty cool, eh?! Actually, the whole Khao Yai (means "Big Mountain") is in love with Mediterranean culture. Not far from the Tuscan village is the Chateau De Khao Yai, a massive villa fit for an Italian mafia boss or Belusconi...same difference anyway.

Farangs feeding monkeys

October 12, 2012

First Kawasaki ER6-n 2013 in Chachoengsao

I've got a visit from my very happy friend today, who just got the long-awaited delivery of his Kawasaki ER6-n 2013. 
A very fine machine and an excellent choice if you live in Thailand. The ER6-n is made in Thailand and because of that doesn't suffer from the ridiculously high taxes the government puts on imported bikes.

Happy ridings, David!

October 11, 2012

Omega Readers Around The World

I usually don't think about the people reading my demented posts, but from time to time some of them step forward and it's actually very nice getting to know them, their bikes and stories.

Such was the case with these two guys.

(PS: If you fancy showing off your bike and yourself on Omega Racer, feel free to send me your pictures and tell me a little about yourself. If they're not too obscene, I might very well publish them)

The first is Guillermo Fransisco Arrieta Bizera, an SR rider from Uruguay. He likes to keep his SR in original condition and that's something rare in itself.
Great bike Mr.G.F.A.B.! 


Next is Dave P. from England, with whom I have a few things in common: the passion for bikes and a Thai wife....both constant sources of headaches haha. Thank you again Dave for introducing me to Sam Manicom!


Finally, there's Basi Loco from Germany. I don't know his real name, but I do know he's got a damn fine cafe racer SR500.
I also know that he and a group of friends are embarking on a new adventure. In fact, they're about to open their own custom garage, called Amadeus Speed Shop. No bike for sale yet, but you can follow their progress on their newly started BLOG. If this SR is a taste of things to come, I sure look forward to see the next creations!

October 9, 2012

Intermot 2012

OmegaRacer's very own photojournalist (my dad), sent me exclusive pictures of this year's Intermot show in Koeln/ Germany.

I had to skim through more than 300 pictures of maxi-boring-scooters, bikes covered in avalanches of plastic and all-the-same-looking Harley, but in the end I think I managed to pick out the most interesting bikes.

Hope you enjoy.

to boost sales, Harley launched the flying XMLCZYXXL Flying Rod

not only has Harley got the most outlandish names for its bikes, they're doing pretty well with colors too...they read like some French fine cuisine menu hahaha

Bimota does things right

Honds goes retro

homage to my dad

be a safe hooligan with an airbag

oh my...sorry to say that, but there's just no comparison with the Motor Show in Bangkok. Maybe they should invite some Thai girls...

going somewhere?

that's a serious monkey!

I've put it on Santa's wish list

ladies and gentlemen....the 1st price for the ugliest bike ever goes toooo......

maybe Harley should just stick to making engines and leave the rest to better qualified people

if you're planning on riding under water, this will serve you well

what a beauty!

who knows what this is?!?

"Do not touch"...how cruel is that!!

the first Honda Goldwing

I'm all for riding safely, but do I really want to look like a Christmas tree?

I don't know what this is supposed to represent, but I like it

Royal Enfields always have a warm place in my heart

banana boat

now we're talking, baby!

we're staring at the future.....sniff sniff

a look at the past... :-)

this is the stuff that makes my heart pump faster

holy moly!

old skool....engine? Morini?


definitely not Bangkok...


one of the meanest engines ever built

old Munch!

new Munch?!?!

like....a basketball star with a small penis...

monkey on steroids

Horex V6