October 9, 2012

Intermot 2012

OmegaRacer's very own photojournalist (my dad), sent me exclusive pictures of this year's Intermot show in Koeln/ Germany.

I had to skim through more than 300 pictures of maxi-boring-scooters, bikes covered in avalanches of plastic and all-the-same-looking Harley, but in the end I think I managed to pick out the most interesting bikes.

Hope you enjoy.

to boost sales, Harley launched the flying XMLCZYXXL Flying Rod

not only has Harley got the most outlandish names for its bikes, they're doing pretty well with colors too...they read like some French fine cuisine menu hahaha

Bimota does things right

Honds goes retro

homage to my dad

be a safe hooligan with an airbag

oh my...sorry to say that, but there's just no comparison with the Motor Show in Bangkok. Maybe they should invite some Thai girls...

going somewhere?

that's a serious monkey!

I've put it on Santa's wish list

ladies and gentlemen....the 1st price for the ugliest bike ever goes toooo......

maybe Harley should just stick to making engines and leave the rest to better qualified people

if you're planning on riding under water, this will serve you well

what a beauty!

who knows what this is?!?

"Do not touch"...how cruel is that!!

the first Honda Goldwing

I'm all for riding safely, but do I really want to look like a Christmas tree?

I don't know what this is supposed to represent, but I like it

Royal Enfields always have a warm place in my heart

banana boat

now we're talking, baby!

we're staring at the future.....sniff sniff

a look at the past... :-)

this is the stuff that makes my heart pump faster

holy moly!

old skool....engine? Morini?


definitely not Bangkok...


one of the meanest engines ever built

old Munch!

new Munch?!?!

like....a basketball star with a small penis...

monkey on steroids

Horex V6

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