October 11, 2012

Omega Readers Around The World

I usually don't think about the people reading my demented posts, but from time to time some of them step forward and it's actually very nice getting to know them, their bikes and stories.

Such was the case with these two guys.

(PS: If you fancy showing off your bike and yourself on Omega Racer, feel free to send me your pictures and tell me a little about yourself. If they're not too obscene, I might very well publish them)

The first is Guillermo Fransisco Arrieta Bizera, an SR rider from Uruguay. He likes to keep his SR in original condition and that's something rare in itself.
Great bike Mr.G.F.A.B.! 


Next is Dave P. from England, with whom I have a few things in common: the passion for bikes and a Thai wife....both constant sources of headaches haha. Thank you again Dave for introducing me to Sam Manicom!


Finally, there's Basi Loco from Germany. I don't know his real name, but I do know he's got a damn fine cafe racer SR500.
I also know that he and a group of friends are embarking on a new adventure. In fact, they're about to open their own custom garage, called Amadeus Speed Shop. No bike for sale yet, but you can follow their progress on their newly started BLOG. If this SR is a taste of things to come, I sure look forward to see the next creations!

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