October 16, 2012

The Call Of The Big Mountain

I've been longing for a solo bike trip for a long time and today, finally my dream came true.
Even though I had a late start I still managed to ride 370 km of great roads, enjoyed beautiful sceneries, lost 4.5l of gas, got rained on, spoke to a monk, had a smoke on the shore of a lake, rode through the biggest national park in Thailand, saw monkeys and other wild life....and still managed to arrive back home before sunset and in 1 piece.

Chachoengsao - Plaeng Yao - Kabinburi - Wang Nam Khiao - Mu Si - Khao Yai - Pratchinburi - Phanom Sarakam - Chachoengsao

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In the morning I strapped a 4.5l gas canister on the rack of my bike, because I didn't know where I would ride to and I like to have some spare gas when I'm out in the jungle. Obviously the canister wasn't strapped very well, because at the first real stop I had, I noticed it wasn't there anymore! Oh well, someone will enjoy some free gas....

at the holy stones I realized the canister had vanished

The trip was also a good opportunity to test my new riding gear. The Alpinestars tank bag did well, apart from the very weak magnets that should hold the bag down. They do, but only if you ride below 60km/h. Thankfully, I used the straps that came with the bag....problem solved.

The side bag was a lucky find. I've been trying to find online a saddlebag suitable for my bike but wasn't very happy with my findings. Either too big, too small, too much Harley D. or just too expensive. Until last week, when I found a nice and versatile promotional bag from Panasonic at the local market for 11$! It's perfect...or better, it would be if it were water proof...but hey, 11$!! :-)

pity for the unsightly rubbish...
 No, I didn't teleport myself to Italy. This is in Khao Yai, Thailand...a reproduction of a Tuscan village...pretty cool, eh?! Actually, the whole Khao Yai (means "Big Mountain") is in love with Mediterranean culture. Not far from the Tuscan village is the Chateau De Khao Yai, a massive villa fit for an Italian mafia boss or Belusconi...same difference anyway.

Farangs feeding monkeys

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