August 27, 2013

New Ducati Scrambler 2013/14/15

So, Motorcycle News just published a new article about the new Ducati Scrambler 796 and I just can't stop drooling over it. Granted, it's not an official picture, but it's definitely enough to keep me dreaming that one day (soon) I will ride one.

MC goes on to say "The bike will be shown in finished form at the end of 2014 to go on sale for the following year along with a load of lifestyle accessories as the firm will be trying really hard to create a whole brand around the Scrambler name."

Yellow for me, please!! 

2015!! Looks like I have lots of time to save some dosh and convince my better half that we need a new bike. Well, if they decide to sell it in Thailand, that is.

Fingers crossed!

August 23, 2013

Omega Racer Stickers

Got a truckload of Omega stickers today from the printing shop.

I think they look cool! What do you think?

A special thanks to Ben Avenell who was patient enough to follow my design directions (naggings) and gave me precious inputs.

August 19, 2013

Bubba arrived in Greece

Well, the title says it all really.

Bubba landed in Greece and sent us another picture. This time in front of the Amphipolis' Lion, in the municipality of Serres.

Lucky you, Bubba!

August 16, 2013

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2013 - Thailand

Gentleman, iron your suits, wax your moustaches, polish those sideburns and get ready for this year's Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. The first one in Thailand.
Wait, no...the first one was last year, but even after banging the drum for a while, I ended up doing it alone. (read all about this amazing adventure HERE)

But not so this year!!

This year I did put some more effort in it, advertising the ride well in advance on various bike forums (or fora) and on Facebook and the response is very promising. So far over 50 gentlemen agreed to join me on Facebook alone. More are expected, but let's see.

So, if you're around Bangkok or Pattaya, own a suit and a bike, please feel free to join us. Here are some more details.

All participants are expected to do the following:

1) Ride a motorcycle, preferably a classic, retro, bobber, chopper, custom, cafe racer. Riders with screaming 4 pot plastic rockets may also join, but have to put double effort in looking particularly distinguished.

2) All riders are required to wear their finest clothes. Ties are good, bowties are better. There's no limit to distinguishedness, if that's even a word...

3) A distinguished and gentlemanly attitude is paramount to the successful outcome of the ride. Let old ladies cross the road, always smile and generally make your grandmother proud.

4) Don't take any of this seriously and just have fun.


2 groups are planned:

Bangkok -         meeting point is at Mega Bang Na, Ikea entrance, 09:20

                          starting time: 10:00
                          regroup point: PTT/Jiffy petrol station (B on the map)

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Pattaya -     meeting point is at Bangkok Hospital, Chon Buri - 09:20 

                        starting time: 10:00
                        regroup point: PTT/Jiffy petrol station (B on the map)

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Both groups will meet in Bang Saen (Chonburi) ( at about 11.30-12.00 for lunch, a civilized tipple and motor talk. 

Small prizes will be handed out to the most distinguished riders, including t-shirts, tool rolls and even a brand new Elders Helmets helmet!

We'll have a concluding ride around Bang Saen all together at around 2pm.

And if it's not already past your bedtime, we'll have another beer (but just one :-) at Chaiyo in Bang Saen.

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I would like to remind all fellow riders that you are responsible for your own safety. Ride slow and live a long and venerable life.
This is a FREE event, No tickets, no charges. Just pay for your own gas, food and drinks.
However, if you would like to donate something for a good cause, you can do so on the official DGR website once it opens at the end of August.

More info COMING SOON on the official website

August 2, 2013

Bubba the Biker in Bucharest

Bubba started his journey a few months ago in Germany, but decided it would be a good idea to come to Thailand.

His new adventure brought him to Romania, specifically the Victory Path at the Revival's Memorial. Thanks to my friend "Chris Sadder Sam" who showed him around.

By the way....if you google "Bubba the biker", you'll find a picture of Bubba's first impersonator. Nice try I say, but he should work more on the colour combinations.

August 1, 2013

Outlaw and Freebird

This is how an outlaw looks like in Thailand: skulls, a shotgun but the best of all is the pet bird flying with her.
Love it.