September 30, 2012

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride -Thailand-

As perhaps some of you are aware, today was a historical day...well, for bikers at least.
Today saw the largest collection of gentlemen (and women) on vintage, classic, retro, cafe racers, bobbers, trackers, know the the world!
What started out as an idea by the Australian "Sydney Cafe Racers", soon gained momentum and spread around the world like fire in the outback. Basically, the idea was to dress up like a distinguished gentleman, gather with other gentlemen and just go for a ride together.
Brilliant, I thought.

Go to the official website or Facebook Page

While groups popped up all over the globe like mushrooms, I tried to do my part and beat the drum on the local forums. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be many distinguished bikers around, or the ones that were, were too busy being busy, in a distinguished way.

So, not being prone on giving up easily, I decided that I had enough distinguishedness (!) for the whole country and proudly (or some might say foolishly) went for a distinguished ride on my dignified own.

While in America the last groups enjoy their day out riding in formal attire, the world's first distinguished ride can be called a smashing success....apart from Thailand, that is.
Nevermind, the ride and I, will be back next year, bigger and (yes, I'm going to use that word again) more distinguished than ever!

If nothing else, now I've got some pretty cool pics! :-))

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