September 26, 2012

Alpinestars Tech Aero Tank Bag

Yeiii...I just got my new tank bag delivered!

It's an Alpinestars Tech Aero tank bag and from the first moment I opened the package I was impressed by its quality and functionality. On top of that, it was a real steal for 56$ shipping included. Yes, 56US$!!!!
If you have a look around the net, you'll soon find out that these bags retail for up to 189$, shipping NOT included. Madness!

I got it online from a seller in Thailand (, who was very helpful and could speak English well. Unfortunately (for you), mine was the last Alpinestars tank bag he had in stock and I don't know if he'll get some more.

There's a spacious clear plastic map holder on top, 3 side pockets and a pocket for the waterproof cover.

You can detach the base and tataaaaa....there you have your little backpack! The base can be used on it's own as a map holder or for other little necessities.

The zip closures seems well made and water resistant. They open and close effortlessly.

The backpack handle can be attached to the bag with a velcro strap, so it won't fly around when you try to do the ton.

The inside is actually very spacious. 20l capacity, expandable to 30l

The only thing I'm not so sure about are the magnets. I feel like they're not very strong. This is my first tank bag, so I don't have any reference point, but to be sure it won't fly away while riding, I'll attach it to the bike with the provided straps.

All in all I'm very happy and can't wait to go on a trip! Who's coming?!?

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