September 6, 2012

Yamaha Delicatessen

yamaha sr 400 (cafe racer / bsa clubman)...

I never get tired of looking at bikes. It just keeps my heart pumping and my mouth salivating.

Today I found 2 nice Yamahas for sale in Thailand: One is a lovely SR made to look like a BSA, with a shiny aluminium tank, a Keihin CR carburetor and a Supertrapp exhaust. Even better, it comes with a "Green Book", which means it is registered and is a pretty rare thing in Thailand. If you cherish your peace of mind, a green book is a must.
It can be yours for 120.000Baht, which I think is a fair price for it.
If you live in Thailand and are looking for an SR, this might be it. See the full ad HERE.

The next bike is an even rarer model here in Thailand: it's a Yamaha XT500. What I understand with the help of google isn't much, but the ad says it's an XT500, it's NOT registered and it costs 88.000Baht.
If you like it, HERE is the full ad.

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