March 28, 2013

34th Bangkok Motor Show

Here we are, another year, another Motor Show. Of course yours truly couldn't miss it, so I went the very first day to check it out and bring you all the new bikes available in Thailand. I'll throw in some free eye-candy to sweeten the experience even more.

Let's start with Yamaha

The Yamaha Sark 135i has been voted "bike of the year", for its class of course. Will it be our next family bike? hmmm

Weird looking electrobike from this company...

this one's not too bad


UDA motor??

please note the very handy hand brake
 Now off to Kawasaki...

D-Tracker 250...looking good

in motard version

Z1000....holy moly
 A pleasant surprise came with this new model, the Z250. Absolutely stunning in my opinion.

Ninja 250

Z250 in black
 I love the new frame and swingarm of the ER6-n, but the tank and the headlight are a bit too futuristic for my classic taste.
Versys 650

Z250 again

Now is Suzuki's time. They decided it was a good time to hop on the 250cc bandwagon, but look what they came up with! The Inazuma 250. A complete design FAIL. A hotch potch of classic lines with some modern bits.  waaaacchhh

Benelli is back, well...kind of. Now they're Chinese actually and is distributed together with Keeway and SYM.


The Keeway TX200 got some good reviews from Thai riders

Keeway RK...also not bad

Benelli 600, made in China and assembled in Thailand

eeehhh, HELLO! Benelli was established in Pesaro in 1911!
the big brother, 898 (?), made in Italy, assembled in Thailand

it looked decent enough

what is it with those modern UGLY front lights?!? ER6n, Honda MSX, Inazuma 250 just to name a few

you thought I forgot the eye candy?

CRF 250

CRF it


is he licking it?

Concept mini bike from Honda

I wanted to take a pic of the bike, no seriously...

Thai motorcycle company STALLION loves retro bikes

amazing paint job on this one

little hooligan bike

little, what bike did they get the inspiration from??

Honda CB500F....really, really nice bike

spicy chillie

Ducati, of course....

looking great even in white

if you can't spot the man (or men), don't come to Thailand

ER6n with a lot of bling bling