August 10, 2011

Papercraft Vespa 150

Just finished this Vespa 150, completely made of paper. Cost me 100Baht (~2Pounds/3USD) and about 3 weeks of work (on and off). My job gives me a lot of free time, which I try to use intelligently as you can see hehe ;-)

EDIT: If there are enough people interested in getting this papercraft, I'll try to get my hands on more copies next time I go to Bangkok...let me know!


iktus said...

bravo Markus!

Sebastian Zappe said...
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Sebastian Zappe said...

This post is way old, but nevertheless I would be interested in building this nice classic, too! :-D

Sebastian Zappe said...

OK, found it on paper-replika:


Markus Pintzinger said...

Nice one Sebastian!

Send a picture when you're finished.