August 17, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.....10 best bike videos!

1) Self assembling Motorcycle!  
     A great stop motion clip!

2)VESPA-GSX-R 1000
Italians do it better....

3)  Funny accident
As the title says: a funny accident in India :-)

4) Jamie Witham R1 Test Ride

Epic test ride of famous racer J. Witham

5) The Purple Helmets - Stunt Riding

The funniest bike stunts on the whole wide web

6) Pastranas Double Backflip - Memorable X Games Moments

Wow, what a stunt!

7) BMW S 1000 RR: 0 - 300 km/h
 Hoooooly shit!!!

8) ghost rider - 336kmh - joking with cops 

Video quality is not very good, but the stunt is priceless! hahaha

9) Suzuki Motorbike Advertisement

10) An unusual crash for two race bikes

Dancing bikes, yeeeeiiii

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