August 26, 2011

Competition Entry #2

Our second entry comes from another German called Thomas. He introduces us here to yet another nicely restored SR. No complaints from my side, after all it's my favorite bike...
The bike comes with a moving story, but lets hear it from him:  

My Name is Thomas Grad, I’m 45 years old and I’m live in a sleepy hollow nearby Cologne, Germany.

I’m a big motorbike fan and I own a Kawasaki Z1000 (2008) , a Yamaha SR500 2J4 (1982) and since one week a Triumph Trident T150V from 1972 ( my CafĂ©-Racer Winter-Project for 2011 J )

The SR500 is a heritage of a girlfriend of my wife who died of cancer very young in 2009. In remembrance of her I promised my wife to make something special out of this bike.
So I started the rework by dismantling the bike completely and built it up piece by piece.
The frame is double powder-coated, the wheels are hand polished and new black finished.
The engine has a first class work-on and there are a lot of fantastic accessories. To name a few:

-A complete Rizoma Handle bar with Rizoma Mirrors.
-Magura Hydraulic Clutch-System
-Magura Brake-Unit
-Motogadget Speedo with m-Unit
-Kellermann LED turn-signals
-Supertrapp Silencer
-LSL Footrests
-New Chrome- ore hand-polished Parts
There’s a lot more to mention but the list would be too long …

I think I have created a wonderful bike with a mixture of 80s charms and today’s technology and I did not brake my promise to make something special out of this bike.
The following picture was taken in my hometown just a few days before the wall with the graffiti was torn down to make place for a new shopping mal.

You're lucky to have a wife that gives you the green light when it comes to spending money on a bike. Unfortunately, my wife's traffic light is constantly stuck on red...

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