August 29, 2011

Competition Entry #4

Next in line is Nils with his highly decorated Yamaha SR500. The bike is very neat and I especially like the rear brake cooling holes, very cool (I might steal that idea from you)....but the name of the bike, "Vibrator", is a bit curious....or is it just me?!

Kudos again for the high quality of pictures. All you guys are either professional photographers or rich enough to hire one! jelousyjelousy...

My name is Nils, I'm 44 years old and live in the South of Germany, near Lake Constanze.
This is my second custom SR 500. I bought it in 2009 for 500 Euro. It stood in an garage for 
18 years and had only 31.000km on the clock. I changed the engine for an other better one.

I built it up in 3 months,...about 300 hours of work to complete and is now ready for the strict German TÜV. I wanted the look of a real Cafe Racers, not 100 % polished alu and paints. My SR is an "old" looking race bike, isn't she?

In 2010 she placed 37th out of 100 at the Custombike Reader Competition at the Custombike Fair in Bad Salzuffeln.In Autum 2010 I got the 3rd place at the Cafe Racer Competition in Glemseck organized by MO Bike Magazine.
In January 2011, the bike was one of the 10 best custom bikes on the Bike Trade Fair in Friedrichshafen.

Built during the winter 2009/2010, the frame was cleaned up and powder coated in black satin. The fuel tank is WBO Alu BSA style, clip-ons by Fehling, head lamp from ebay, GFK fender, handbrake pump from a Suzuki GSXR 600, steel reinforced brake lines, second brake disk came from a XS 650. The carb is a Mikuni TM 36, rearsets by LSL, The rear brake has been opened for better cooling (8 hours of work) and the rear brake light comes from Hein-Gericke. Seat was made by a friend.

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