March 28, 2012

33rd Bangkok International Motor Show

First day at the Motor Show and your Omega Racer was there the minute they opened at 12 o'clock. I took loads of pictures. Unfortunately, those girls where always standing somewhere in the picture. I just couldn't avoid them...

Good, now that that's been clarified (I'm married after all..), let's have a look at the bounty:

a little beauty, Honda Dream50


I really liked this motard, nice design and well build. Sadly it's only for show and not for sale...

Stallions Mini Star 110cc. Again, nice bike, but not for sale.

The enduro version of the above motard. I don't know if they are Stallions or another Chinese brand. All I know is it's called STR and it's a 200cc

No, it's not another Honda Dream50, it's a Stallion Polo 125 Artist!

I tried really hard to get a full picture of that bike....seriously!

copy or not, it looks good!


....and angel?


The new Filano in various versions/abominations

Be ready to spend 590.000Baht for the Fazer

The FJR 1300A retails at 820.000Baht

The FZ8-n....what a nice bike at 480.000Baht

electric bike

one of my show favourites, Yamaha Moegi Concept Bike

another shot of the FZ8-n

Yamaha XT 1200Z

890.000Bht for the "A" version; 840.000Bht for the "B" version

Yamaha YZF R1

a steal at 790.000Bht...well....if you're a millionaire that is...

the engine of the M1

scooter engine

a classic beauty


pretty cool

the controls and looked cheap to me



Harleys.......moving on....


Kawasaki D-Tracker, nice bike, but at 152,500Bht I'd rather put 20K more and get a 2nd hand ER6n 

Kawasaki KLX 250

Kawasaki Z1000, a hell of a machine!

Vulcan 900

Versys 650

another personal favourite: 2012 ER6-n 650
This great bike made in Thailand, costs 250.000Bht
20% down payment
6% interest
18 months installments...12k
24 months installments...9.2k
30 months installments...7.6k
36 months installments...6.5k




Ducati had, next to Stallions, the best girls...eehh, I mean bikes!

The new Ducati Monster 795
price 399.990Bht
20% down payment
4.99% interest rate
24 monthly payments...14,644k
36 monthly payments...10,219k
48 monthly payments...7,997k

insurance fee...14,959k
registration fee...3,500k
total payment on hand over date...98,448k

first delivery if ordered now: July 2012
the seating position was indeed rather aggressive

who's the lucky owner of this 1100 Monster EVO?!? 

some more eye candy

finally! a few shots without those annoying girls

I must admit, when the Panigale first came out I wasn't too impressed with the styling. Having seen it live now really changed my mind. It's super sexy...even without girls!

and the Best of the Rest


Suzuki Swift...great little car and probably the cheapest in its class

That's it for today...a lot more tomorrow