June 7, 2016

GuzziTour 2016

After a week back in Thailand and the effects of jet lag mostly gone, I now find the time and peace of mind to look back at what has been an amazing 5 weeks holiday in Italy. It's been especially memorable because there was my "new" Moto Guzzi G5 waiting for me.
Let me say it right from the start: the G5 is an amazing bike! The level of comfort, the handling, the majestic stance...it performed far beyond my expectations and I couldn't have been happier. I wish and hope MG will start producing such gorgeous bike again in the future.

The very first ride on my G5 around South Tyrol

On the 9th of May, my wife and I started a 5 day journey through Northern Italy.

The first day took us from Bolzano to Mandello del Lario (260km), the birthpace of Moto Guzzi and still the only place manufacturing MG. We arrived right in front of the MG gates at 3pm. That's the time the museum opens, only for 1 hour, every day. 95 years of motorcycle history is a lot to take in in only 1 hour, so we had to rush through it a bit.

Passo del Tonale

Lake Como

Carlo Guzzi at Mandello del Lario

Antica Officina

Some highlights at the Guzzi Museum

Taking orders for new Guzzis

This really reminded me of a pharaoh taken over by the Borgs

For our accommodation I chose Antica Officina (Antique Workshop). This is where Carlo Guzzi came to build his first bikes with the current owner's grand uncle. Giuseppe and his wife were great hosts and made us feel welcome right from the arrival. Giuseppe gave me a tour of the whole workshop, the cellar and even the attic.

The next day we rode to Biella, to the beautiful Castle of Montecavallo (170km). Montecavallo is a B&B and a vineyard. The owner and only person living in the castle came right up to us and started telling us stories of her extensive bike travels throughout Europe. What a great start, I thought.
The accommodation was absolutely top notch and in retrospective, my favourite place during our trip.

So far we got miserable weather and the third day was no exception. 60km took us from one castle to another. Castello di Pavone was quite different from Montecavallo, though. It was more upscale and maybe because of that, we felt a bit detached from the whole experience. The scenery was breathtaking nonetheless.

Thursday we rode to the nearby mountains, where the 8th Wonder of the World lies underground. Damanhur, a spiritual commune founded 40 years ago have continuously been building the Temples of Humankind, crafting a truly unique place, full of artistic mastery and spiritual energy. Our jaws dropped when we first stepped in and only closed after we came back up. Taking pictures inside the temple was not allowed, so I took some from the net. I wholeheartedly recommend visiting this place!

In the afternoon I rode on a motorway for the first time in my life. Not the most exciting of rides I have to admit, but riding my G5 makes even the most boring stretch of road a great experience.
After about 260km we arrived at the shores of lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy, to the farm stay La Filanda, where we spent the last night of our GuzziTour.

15km from home we finally got the first rays of light and a stretch of dry road. Better late than never I guess

Obviously there would be much more to say and tales to tell, but it would take up too much space and a lot of your time.
If you have any comments, feel free to say something below.

See ya