January 31, 2012


This week's special Yamaha SR comes from Thailand. A lot of chrome, a lot of money but most importantly, a lot of love.

January 27, 2012

Ladies & Gentlemen...Omega Racer's First 10.000 Page Views!

I would like to celebrate my first 10.000 page views today with some virtual fireworks and a nice glass of virtual champagne. CHAI-YOOOO!!!!!

Thank you all for coming and sharing the passion for the two wheels!

This is to you and to many thousand views more to come!

Salute, Cin-Cin, Prost, Zum Wohl, Chon Gheao, Nastrovia, Salut Y Forza Al Canut, A La Sante'
etc etc...

January 17, 2012

Wrenchmonkees, Copenhagen

Here is a very nice video about The Wrenchmonkees who, among other passionate builders around the world, contributed to change the way we experience motorcycles. The tide is turning, from elite full fairing superbikes with 200hp, to down-to-earth, everyday bikes....simple, essential and 100% fun.
I don't know you, but that's exactly my style!

January 16, 2012

New SR Group in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Last Saturday we had the first meeting of the new SR group in Chachoengsao. Not a very big group for now, and the average rider age was around 25, but still with a promising future. I must say I felt a bit old among them with my 37 years. Fact is, the SR is a bike loved by the cash-stricken Thai youth and I'm the exception among the foreigners here, who usually ride big and expensive bikes.
Apparently I have more in common with the Thais than with the foreigners...



I really like this bobber. I don't know why, but when I look at it, it evokes in me the picture of a pair of comfortable, well fitting trainers....and that's to take as a compliment.

In any case, this bobber is for sale in Thailand at 55.000Baht (no book). 
HERE is the original link.

January 13, 2012

BMW Bobber aka Cadbike #33

Have a look at this splendid bobber made from an old BMW R90s and the frame of an R51. It started out as a CAD design project and ended in this great build.
To know more about it, visit Mark van der Kwaak's website, here.

NEWSBIT: Royal Enfield Going Cafe

Royal Enfield just unveiled their new models for 2012 and the one we at Omega-Racer love the most is the Thunderbird 500, cafe version. The original Thunderbird is a rather ordinary, if not boring, cruiser. This cafe racer though, makes up for its lame brother, tenfold.

It won't blow your mind with extreme performance, but it just looks so good, it's impossible not to like. I know I would want one!

Here is the official R.E. website.

January 9, 2012


Have a good look at this Yamaha SR400. Called  Clock Work and made at Motor Rock in Japan. The details are pretty amazing. Read the full story HERE

Honda CELA Reloaded

As it so often happens with me, I again got the "restauration-bug". I really wanted to find a small and old classic bike and bring it back to it's original splendor or even make a cool custom out of it. Well, due to short funds I opted to restore my wife's little Honda instead. I've written a short blog entry about it a few months back. You can find it HERE.
After promising my wife to keep the original colours and reassuring her that I knew what I was doing (yeah, right) I started stripping it down, sanding like a madman and finally bringing it back to life.  It took me 1 week from beginning to end and the result is not too bad, considering it's a spray can job and my very first paint project.
Also new are the rear shocks and the seat.

I really wanted to add some "racing" stripes at the back or even paint some "hot rod" flames coming out of the cooling fins above the motor, but my wife was getting very impatient and wanted her bike back. 

Ok, enough with the excuses....here it is....




January 4, 2012

January 2, 2012


A very nice Yamaha SR 500 for sale in Thailand, 85.000Baht but unfortunately not registered.