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 Bubba the Biker
In 2013 the German Motorcycle magazine "Motorrad" got a present: a mean looking garden gnome on a bike. They didn't quite know what to do with it. They just knew it had to go. It had to go fast and hopefully never come back again. They then had the brilliant idea of asking their readers on facebook what they should do with it. The person with the best idea would win the precious biker gnome.

Lots of people suggested various forms of torture, including barbecuing him, dropping him from a skyscraper or taking him to a Justin Bieber concert, which in my opinion is definitely going a step too far. Some even proposed to leave it at the Motorrad offices, as a torture for them for proposing such a competition. Wickedness knew no limits.

Until I came along and proposed to do something like I had seen many years ago in a lovely film called 'Amelie':

People liked the idea and that's how I came to own a biker gnome!

I kept my promise and took Bubba on his first bike trip in Thailand. First stop: Wat Sothon, Chachoengsao

June 2013

His next adventure brought him to Romania, specifically the Victory Path at the Revival's Memorial. Thanks to my friend "Chris Sadder Sam" who showed him around.

August 2013

After that, he landed in Greece and sent us another picture. This time in front of the Amphipolis' Lionin the municipality of Serres.

August 2013

Next stop: Italy, where he celebrated the New Year in Florence thanks to Mr. Ottonero.

December/January 2013/14

Some R&R on the seaside...

05 / 01 /2014 -Bocca d' Arno - Marina di Pisa - Pisa -Italia
...and soaking up the architectural marvels in Pisa.
05 / 01 /2014 - piazza dei Miracoli - Pisa -Italia

Another stop in Italy was in the historical city of Urbino, where famous Italian motorcycle racer Lorenzo Buratti took care of him.

March 2014

I met up with Bubba in my hometown of Bozen (Italy), where we rode around the beautiful and scenic mountains of South Tyrol. (May 2014)

The latest development in Bubba's adventure sees him back in Thailand, where he promptly joined the classic car parade in Bangkok in honour of the Queen's 82nd birthday on the 11 of August 2014

Bubba's story has come full circle. After 3 years on the move, passing through Italy, Romania, Greece, Thailand and Australia, he found his final garage stop at my brother's garage. I entrusted him to my brother because I thought it was quite fitting to the whole story. My brother is a work animal and rarely enjoys a holiday, having never even used an aeroplane. In fact, it's safe to say, bubba has travelled more in 3 years than my brother in 40! On top of that he just acquired a new garage to have more space for his bike collection and this I thought, would make the perfect inauguration present.
Unfortunately, during his last (and longest) stay in Australia, no pictures were taken. The only consolation is that he got the signatures of Freddie Spencer and Steve Parish.

The cherry on the cake though, is that his story was just published on Germany's largest motorcycle magazine 'MOTORRAD' (issue 17, 2016), the very same that sent him to me in Thailand 3 years ago.
Funnily, they put a picture of my brother but used my name in the caption. We do look similar, but still.... :-)

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