July 9, 2018

My interview on Return of the Cafe Racers

I regret not being as active here on the blog as I used to be. Work has increased steadily over the years, taking away time I would usually spend riding and blogging.
I'm still very active in the motorcycle world, but it's more of a "behind the scenes" kind of thing. Definitely not as glamorous as building a new custom bike, however there are still rewards for the hard work: one is the positive feedback from customers, another one is the acknowledgement from other people in the industry.

"Return of the Cafe Racers" is one of the most influential motorcycle blogs of the past decade and for the first installment of their new "Workshop Series", they've decided to interview yours truly to find out what Omega Racer is all about. Find it HERE>

I can't hide the fact that it makes me very proud to have come this far, but that certainly doesn't mean I will stop improving and expanding the shop, as well as pushing my own personal boundaries. It's important to get out of one's comfort zone and go into the unknown, by overcoming our fears and looking the tiger straight in the eyes. The reward for doing so is hard to put into words.