July 28, 2012

Signs Of Withdrawal

Well friends,
it's been over a week now...Every morning I had to pass by my beloved and head for the four-wheeled cage to go to work. And it's been awful on many levels.

I've been trying to fix her by myself but there is always that nagging feeling that I may have made it worse (and I probably have). I like to think that I can find a way to fix any problem, but unfortunately, reality looks a bit different.

There's a long beautiful passage in Pirsig's book "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance", where he talks about "gumption", that feeling of trust and peace you have to strive for when repairing a motorcycle....or doing anything else for that matter. Yes, I get it. I've experienced it on occasions.

This time though, I'm very close to throw in the towel and, god help me, take the bike to a Thai mechanic. gulp This option opens a new can of worms. Riders who know Thai bike shops, know what I'm talking about.

I don't know what is worse: the shame of not being able to fix it by myself or the terrible pains of extended riding withdrawal?

Tomorrow I'll give it one last try.
Wish me luck.

July 26, 2012

Pessimist SR?

Thai people are known for being quite superstitious. When Thais buy a new bike or car, one of the first things they do is to go to the local temple and ask a monk to perform a blessing on it.

This Yamaha SR is up for sale right now. Apparently, the owner went a step further and besides the monk blessing (flowers on the handlebar) and lucky dice on the tank he thought it would be a good idea to install a fire extinguisher!
Pessimism on 2 wheels?

July 25, 2012

New Kawasaki ER6-n, Ninja 650 and Versys 2013

Here's a peek at the new colours and prices on Kawasaki's best selling big bike models in Thailand.
The white ER6n of 2012 has been replaced by Kawasaki's trademark colour lime green.

If you want one in 2013, be advised to order now, as there's currently a 3 months waiting list before you can get your hands on one.

July 15, 2012

For Sale In Thailand

These are all the things I have for sale.
Most of the items are already reduced and priced for a quick sale, but I'm still open for suggestions.

If interested, please call Markus (English/German/Italian/Thai nit noi) at

or Poopae (Thai)

Pay with bank transfer:                                           or Paypal: 

Markus Pintzinger                                                       hellomankut@gmail.com

account nr: 112-2-92865-5

bank: Kasikorn Bank

branch: Chachoengsao

swift code: KASITHBK

0) Kedo "Raceline" 
 2,300 Baht (EMS)

1) Aoshima Yamaha SR 400(S) model 1/12
 1,850 Baht (EMS)

only 2 models (SR400S) left!

2) Custom exhaust system for Kawasaki Vulcan 900
beautiful sound, like new
5,500 Baht (EMS) or nearest offer

3) Aeroklas Soft Cover with snap clips and support aluminium bars for 2 door truck (megacab)
only 1,200 Baht (EMS)

4) Alpinestars Motorcycle Boots
size 42, very good condition, brand new zips
only 2,000 Baht (EMS)

5) Yamaha SR400/500 clip-on handlebars
 only 1,000 Baht (EMS)

6) Yamaha SR front fender stainless steel
only 1,500 Baht (EMS)

7)Yamaha SR brake and clutch lever
500 Baht (EMS)

8) original Mikuni VM 36 carburetor for Yamaha SR
needs this part to be replaced to work well; or can use it as spare parts
only 1,000 Baht (EMS)

9) Michelin M45 4.00 - 18 (2008) 40%
only 400 Baht

July 2, 2012

The Bike I Hate!

We're all constantly looking at bikes as if they were beautiful women. We drool over them, we imagine riding them and the sound they would make when we bring them to their climax at 12.000rpm. We stalk them, we take pictures of them with a mixture of admiration and jealousy, because there's some other guy out there riding it instead of us. We download, save, share, "like", post pictures all over the net to show the world we are into bike porn...and are proud of it.

But what about the other side of the scale? The minger, the ugly duckling, the overweight, fatass bikes we would never dream of riding, let alone being seen with by one of our friends, who would hold that against us for the rest of our lives. Wouldn't they?!

So, this is a safe place to confess. Nobody will know.
What is the bike you really despise and wouldn't ride if your life depended on it?

I'll start the ball rolling with my very own personal nightmare: