February 27, 2012

Aoshima 1/12 Yamaha SR models

Got a delivery of 4 model kits from Japan today. These Aoshima 1/12 scale models are getting pretty rare, with many online shops being out of stock and others allowing only a restricted number of purchases. So, it wasn't easy to find them.

This was the case with a new addition to the various SR models available, namely the 1995 Yamaha SR400S model, where "S" stands for Special. In this box you'll find various bits and pieces to customize your SR, such as a wide tracker handlebar, seat, turning lights, headlight, tank, mirrors, fenders and 2 Supertrapps (long and short) among others. I have 3 boxes...

There was a model kit of an SR tracker like the one below for sale in the past, but it went out of production and is impossible to find now. That makes this kit even sweeter, as you have the choice of building different styles of SR, all in 1 box.

The fourth box is a standard Yamaha SR500, more specifically the 20th anniversary model of 1998. This one wasn't easy to find either and I was lucky enough to buy the last one in stock!

So, one SR400S is for me, but the others will be for sale in Thailand shortly.
Drop me a line if you're interested.

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