February 8, 2012

My Baby's Brand New Shoes

I just finished mounting my new Dunlop K180's on my baby, replacing the mismatched Dunlop TT100 front and a pretty squared out Michelin M45 on the rear. This was a necessary step into "trackerizing" my SR.
At first I wasn't so sure I did the right thing, but all my doubts evaporated when I tested them for the first time.
Oh boy! They are exhilarating! Changes of direction are lightening fast and once you're in the turn, you feel so safe you just want to go down more and more and start scrapping some metal from your foot rests!

Once I change the clip-ons to a higher and a bit larger handlebar, the handling will be amazing.

Watch out Chachoengsao....I've created a HOOLIGAN-SR!!!

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