February 10, 2012

Trojan Cycles

I've been putting this off for a while now, but today I finally find the time to tell you about Trojan Cycles.
A couple of months ago I had one of their bikes featured as "Bike of the Week" and I'm still visiting their website from time to time to get some inspiration for my own SR.
While they customize all kinds of bikes, from superbikes to choppers and cafe racers, from cc bombs to little 50's,  my main interest lies with the legendary Yamaha SR (of course). And boy, do I love what they do with it!

Trojan Cycles (WEBSITE) are based in Maizuro, Kyoto and have been at work since 2007. They are relatively new on the bike scene, but so far, their efforts speak for themselves. Eye for the details and unconventional designs by shop owner Krishan Klein seem to me a breeze of fresh air in the Japanese custom scene. Just have a look at their custom parts HERE...yummy!

So, let's stop with the accolades and let the pictures speak for themselves.

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