June 26, 2012

Bike Of The Week #45

This week's bike is the ultimate, the ubiquitous, the everlasting Honda Cub!

Here in some of my favourite transformations.

June 22, 2012


Today my wife and I decided to blow some money on a romantic evening, but being the practical man that I indeed am, I did a little detour to visit my friend at Elders Helmets. 6 months ago he started building his helmets and they're already hugely successful in Thailand and throughout Asia, especially Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Of course I couldn't leave before buying a new helmet!

the good thing about these helmets are that they come in 4 sizes: S,M,L and XL. So, despite my amazing intelligence, my head is rather small and I had always difficulty finding a helmet that would fit me. Until now, that is.

Check out the huge range of Elder Helmets!

Actually, I liked them so much that I decided to offer them for sale here shortly. Stay tuned and check the top of my blog for the newcomers. They'll blow your head away! ;-)

After the pleasure, the work......ops, I mean after the work the pleasure: off we went to the local fish market, which is something I always look forward to.

please note the very happy fly in the middle

please note the very sad crab in the middle

still doubting about who the boss is?

romantic sunset in gold

romantic sunset, in tekkknicolor

Bike Of The Week #44

More like a "Picture Of The Week", this nice shot comes from a Thai reader on his Yamaha SR.

The Kratos: Masters Of Small Things

Bike EXIF recently published a few pictures of a really neat Suzuki A100, a custom made by Indonesian shop The Kratos.
Thailand, like Indonesia, is full of these small bikes. They come in all degrees of decomposition and are pretty cheap. Hmmmm....are you thinking what I'm thinking?! ;-)))

(turning to my wife) "Darling....there's this little old bike that really needs a new home and someone to look after it....they basically give it away for peanuts....!" :-))

I think that transforming a little old bike like the A100 into a ueber-cool cafe racer like this, is worth taking my hat off in admiration.

Want more? Sure, there's plenty more!....
Another personal favourite is this lovely Honda CB125(?). Just look at that awesome front end!

Now, if you still don't have enough, go to visit their website:

June 20, 2012

Street Tracker Galore

Been browsing trackers (again) to find inspiration for my own Yamaha SR and I came across some real hot bikes.
One site especially has tons of cool trackers, too many to show them all here. So why don't you hop over there and immerse yourself in tracker universe?

Of course, no street tracker collection can be without some Harleys, Triumph and BSA!

I Died And Went Straight To Heaven...

Don't know why, but I love this picture and I have the feeling you will love it too. ;-)

June 19, 2012

Underwater Riding

Riding under heavy rain is nothing unusual during the rainy season here in Thailand, but this guy took it one step further and is already practicing underwater riding for the coming seasonal floods!

Pretty cool :-)

PS: Can anyone identify the bike?

June 10, 2012

Alloy Rearsets

I have the opportunity to offer you these beautiful billet alloy rearsets at an unbeatable price.
These are high quality CNC machined pieces that fit your SR400 or SR500.
They come in 2 versions (full and drilled) and 2 colours (silver and black).

No adjustments are necessary when mounting.  Simply mount and go.

Work with drum or disc brakes alike.

price: 249US$/ 199Euros
(shipping not included)

>>>Go to THE SHOP for more info.<<<

"Technowork" style, silver, drilled

"Over" style, silver, full

black, drilled

black, full


"Racing" rearsets 

These high quality polished stainless steel rearset footpegs fit all Yamaha SR400 and SR500. 

Features include:
  • high quality ball bearings and joints
  • no interference with the kickstarter
  • dramatic change of riding position, for a very engaged and aggressive riding style
  • can be used with both rear disc and drum brakes
  • included is a steel pillon bracket for late SR models