June 22, 2012

The Kratos: Masters Of Small Things

Bike EXIF recently published a few pictures of a really neat Suzuki A100, a custom made by Indonesian shop The Kratos.
Thailand, like Indonesia, is full of these small bikes. They come in all degrees of decomposition and are pretty cheap. Hmmmm....are you thinking what I'm thinking?! ;-)))

(turning to my wife) "Darling....there's this little old bike that really needs a new home and someone to look after it....they basically give it away for peanuts....!" :-))

I think that transforming a little old bike like the A100 into a ueber-cool cafe racer like this, is worth taking my hat off in admiration.

Want more? Sure, there's plenty more!....
Another personal favourite is this lovely Honda CB125(?). Just look at that awesome front end!

Now, if you still don't have enough, go to visit their website:

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