June 10, 2012

Alloy Rearsets

I have the opportunity to offer you these beautiful billet alloy rearsets at an unbeatable price.
These are high quality CNC machined pieces that fit your SR400 or SR500.
They come in 2 versions (full and drilled) and 2 colours (silver and black).

No adjustments are necessary when mounting.  Simply mount and go.

Work with drum or disc brakes alike.

price: 249US$/ 199Euros
(shipping not included)

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"Technowork" style, silver, drilled

"Over" style, silver, full

black, drilled

black, full


"Racing" rearsets 

These high quality polished stainless steel rearset footpegs fit all Yamaha SR400 and SR500. 

Features include:
  • high quality ball bearings and joints
  • no interference with the kickstarter
  • dramatic change of riding position, for a very engaged and aggressive riding style
  • can be used with both rear disc and drum brakes
  • included is a steel pillon bracket for late SR models


Anonymous said...

Nice, look like techno work rear sets have been copied however (exactly)- except price is a lot nicer.

Have they been tried and tested to see if they handle heavier rider?

Who makes these? do you do a price for a few sets sold at once?

The Omega Racer said...

They've are just as strong as the brand they've been copied from :-)

They're made in Thailand.

I can give you a discount if you purchase 3 or more.

Contact me here:

Anonymous said...

Are you still selling these rear sets?

Would be interested in the ones named Tecno Works style (in black).

However i would only buy if you can provide some extra gear shift rods so I had a few spares, is that possible?

Let me know, if so will order through your store.


The Omega Racer said...

They're currently out of stock, but I should get a new batch shortly.
I will see what I can do about the gear shifter...

Anonymous said...

Ok, Thanks.

I will send you an email to discuss.

Thank you.

The Omega Racer said...

The rearsets are back in stock. Hurry up before it's too late!