June 4, 2014

POLL: Yamaha SR - Full Aluminium Fairing

It's poll time!

At the moment, if you want a full fairing for your Yamaha SR, you have to rely on Japanese manufacturers and we all know how much that can set you back financially. In addition, they're not aluminium fairings, but simply fiberglass.

What if there were a place where such a full aluminium fairing could be purchased for a fraction of its Japanese counterpart, all the while retaining a high level of craftsmanship? Hmm, what if.....?

That's exactly what I'm planning to do. The only problem I'm facing is that I can't decide on the design! Here's where I need your help. Please have a look at the following pictures and vote for what you think the best design is. You can do it here below or on the OmegaRacer Facebook page.

Let the voting begin!






Not really a contender in the poll, but while we're at it...let me know what you think.

EDIT 2016: The Finished Fairing

My bike is now finished and I'm very happy of the result. It's called Sunmaster14 and it has already been published online by Pipeburn, Return of the Cafe Racer, Inazuma Cafe, Ottonero, SR Times, and will appear next month in the German paper magazine CRAFTRAD, Italian magazine SPECIAL CAFE and French magazine RAD MOTORCYCLES.


Anonymous said...

In my view fairing 'C' is the best looking by a mile. The curves are sensuous.
Robert, Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Verkleidung A gefällt mir gut bis auf die Farbkombination, danach C, aber diese verschämte Krümmerverkleidung würde ich weglassen, es sei denn, es ginge um Hundertstel
Dirk, Kassel (D)

Anonymous said...

I agree that "C" is probably the best overall, but "E" is really nice too.

I really like the small asymmetrical headlamp on the An-Bu fairings--minutely more aerodynamic, and very cool looking. I wonder if this could be an option?

Jennah Cagle said...

A, its much more like something you would see on the track back in the day in my opinion.