October 31, 2011

DUCATI Thailand

I was just reading that Ducati opened a factory here in Thailand. This is very good news as that means Thai and expat riders can now buy a Monster 795 at a reasonable price of 399.000Baht (~12.500$ or 9500Euro) instead of paying 300% more in taxes for an imported bike. HAPPY DAYS!!

The official website is HERE

This same reason was one of the decisive factors for Kawasaki's huge success in 2009, when they started selling the ER6-n at 240.000Baht.
The new Kawasaki ER6-n 2012

Unfortunately they're both not quite in my budget, but if I wait, let's say 10 years, I might be able to afford a used one....sniff sniff

And just to do some more self-flagellation, I found this superb Ducati Sport 1000 (2008) for sale here in Thailand for a mere 1.340.000Baht. See the full ad here.

Now, didn't I have a rich uncle in America somewhere...?


Anonymous said...

Next step a Ferrari made in china? If want an asian mb i buy a japanese... not an italian bike made in thai

The Omega Racer said...

Mate, there are so many things, including bikes and cars made in Thailand. Take the hugely successful Kawasaki ER6 for example, or the newly build Honda CB500 and many more...
Just because they're build in Thailand doesn't mean they're second rate bikes. Hell, even HD and BMW are made in China these days...