October 4, 2014

Tom's Honda Cubs

A little history for the few who don't know it:
The Honda Cub is the world's most produced vehicle with well over 60 million produced since 1958 and has been assembled in 15 countries. The engine is a 4 stroke air cooled single with sizes going from 49cc to 109cc. Similarly to other style icons such as the Vespa, the Beetle, the CV2 or the VW Bus, the Cub still has a huge following all over the world, fuelled by its timeless lines, its simplicity as well as its versatility and ease of modification.

This brings me to the reason behind today's post. I would like to share a little known secret.

If you love small displacement bikes like me and the Cub in particular, you'll be pleased to know that now it's very easy to get your hands on either a fully restored Cub or, in my opinion even better, a super cool custom Cub.

There's a man here in Thailand, who made it to be his mission to restore, revive and reinvent this most ubiquitous of bikes. His nickname's Tom and he spends his time between Lamphun and Bangkok where he's passionately working on his Cubs. It all started out as a hobby, but due to high demand it has quickly become his full time occupation. Is there anything better than being your own boss and doing what you're passionate about? I think not.
Mr Tom takes his clients step by step through the 'cub-omization' process, giving them full creative freedom to ensure a truly unique and individual machine. Last but not least, the price. These are easily the most affordable Cubs in the Land of Smiles (Thailand that is) and probably anywhere else.

Why am I endorsing Tom's Cubs? I've been playing for a long time with the idea of getting a custom Cub, but was never able to find a place that could do what I had in mind....until now. So, to get my very own Cub, I just have to do the following: make space in the driveway (doable), deciding how my Cub will look like (my favourite part), telling my wife that there's yet another bike coming (my least favourite part). Easy.

If you're interested in getting your own classic restored or cool 'cub-omized' two wheels, get in touch with Callum, who is helping out Tom with English speaking customers.
Here is the Facebook page: Tom's Honda Cubs

Tom and Callum are currently looking into shipping the bikes abroad, since they already had several requests from the UK and the United States.

For those who are wondering, here's an idea on his available products. There are two main options, the Classic and the Custom

The Classic: 

A 100% restored Honda C70, C90 or C100. These bikes are restored to impeccable, original condition. They're just as reliable as the day they left the factory. Make it your daily ride or keep it for your day off. 

Price guide: 
C70 - from 18,500฿ (approx. 600$) - 70cc engine.
C90 - from 22,000฿ (approx. 700$) - 90cc engine.
C100 - from 31,000฿ (approx. 1.000$) - 100cc engine.

The Custom:

This bike is what you make it! Each bike has a 100cc Honda Dream engine, comes with a green book (bike registration document) and is tailored to suit any preferences you may have. Want a speedo/rev counter? No problem. Want to keep the front/rear fenders? No problem. Your wish is Toms command. Expected build time - 3/4 weeks*.

Price guide:
Dream 100 - from 25,000฿**, (approx. 800$), this price allows you to choose the frame/body colour, engine colour, with or without leg shield, rim colour, handle bar set up/grip colour, seat shape/style and colour, standard coloured rear shocks or aftermarket spring shocks(black/chrome), single gauge (rev counter or speedo).

*Registration/green book can sometimes take longer due to regular delays at the Thai DLT.

**Tom can do anything, if you want more than what is listed above, no problem. Let him know your desires and we can work to make your dream a reality. Any photo references are more than welcome.

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