July 28, 2012

Signs Of Withdrawal

Well friends,
it's been over a week now...Every morning I had to pass by my beloved and head for the four-wheeled cage to go to work. And it's been awful on many levels.

I've been trying to fix her by myself but there is always that nagging feeling that I may have made it worse (and I probably have). I like to think that I can find a way to fix any problem, but unfortunately, reality looks a bit different.

There's a long beautiful passage in Pirsig's book "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance", where he talks about "gumption", that feeling of trust and peace you have to strive for when repairing a motorcycle....or doing anything else for that matter. Yes, I get it. I've experienced it on occasions.

This time though, I'm very close to throw in the towel and, god help me, take the bike to a Thai mechanic. gulp This option opens a new can of worms. Riders who know Thai bike shops, know what I'm talking about.

I don't know what is worse: the shame of not being able to fix it by myself or the terrible pains of extended riding withdrawal?

Tomorrow I'll give it one last try.
Wish me luck.

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