January 9, 2012

Honda CELA Reloaded

As it so often happens with me, I again got the "restauration-bug". I really wanted to find a small and old classic bike and bring it back to it's original splendor or even make a cool custom out of it. Well, due to short funds I opted to restore my wife's little Honda instead. I've written a short blog entry about it a few months back. You can find it HERE.
After promising my wife to keep the original colours and reassuring her that I knew what I was doing (yeah, right) I started stripping it down, sanding like a madman and finally bringing it back to life.  It took me 1 week from beginning to end and the result is not too bad, considering it's a spray can job and my very first paint project.
Also new are the rear shocks and the seat.

I really wanted to add some "racing" stripes at the back or even paint some "hot rod" flames coming out of the cooling fins above the motor, but my wife was getting very impatient and wanted her bike back. 

Ok, enough with the excuses....here it is....




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