July 12, 2011

Ode to Ms. Cela

I just came back from the paint shop and surprise surprise,...he has barely started scratching off the old paint. I guess this weekend's ride is out of question.

I would therefore like to take the opportunity to praise an often undervalued member of our family: our trusted Ms. Cela. My wife got her from her dad and she is about 20+ years old now, but still going strong. All I know is that she's a 2-stroke. In fact, not even the almighty google could offer me any more info about her. It's the John Doe of motorcycles, I guess.

I often looked at her with envy. When my other bikes came up with the weirdest problems, Ms Cela always started on the first kick, her idle was annoyingly stable and she would run for months on a tank of gasohol. Quite the opposite of my rides.
I never really liked Hondas....they're too perfect for my taste, but I have to (reluctantly) admit that their bikes could withstand the coming apocalypse. Cockroaches won't be the last survivors....Hondas will!

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