April 17, 2016

DBS full exhaust system for Honda NSR150SP

I really like my NSR150SP. It takes me back to the times when at 16, I used to ride my Gilera SP02 in the golden age for 125cc 2 stroke racing bikes in Italy.

Maybe it's due to a distorted perception after all these years, but I wasn't quite convinced with the power output of my NSR. I expected more... and I wanted more!

So, the obvious first step was to look for an aftermarket exhaust to free the bike and let all those 30+ horses run unrestricted. After some 'window shopping", I found a full stainless steel exhaust system with aluminium muffler made by DBS for an acceptable price of 5.700Baht (shipping in Thailand included).
Communication with Mr Visit was smooth and straightforward and after about 10 days I got my exhaust.

Packing was sufficient.

Straight away I was impressed by the overall quality of the pipe.

Very nice welds!

Soundcheck with the original exhaust

The first thing you notice when taking off the original pipe is the weight. The DBS weights probably a 1/4 of the Honda exhaust!

Soundcheck with the DBS pipe.


The DBS stainless steel exhaust and aluminium muffler is a very fine piece of equipment and performance is on a par with its good looks. Installation was pretty easy. The holes on the flanges were a tiny bit too small, but it took only 5 minutes and a dremel to enlarge them enough. Fitting my NSR with this pipe gave it back its vigor and spirit. Going up the RPMs feels easy and smooth, especially around 7.000 to 10.000rpm. This is how my bike is supposed to sound and perform. Recommended!

After about 30minutes of test riding the bike, the color on the back tip of the muffler started to peel off. Mr. Visit offered to get it repainted at no extra cost.

EDIT 2: The exchange was done fast and painlessly. I now used the new muffler for several months and it's just like the first day.
I can now say the pipe has improved midrange and dramatically increased top end power. I'm very happy with it!

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