March 11, 2012

Bang Saen Bike Week 2011/12

This should have been the 2011 edition, but was postponed due to the floods to 9th and 10th of March 2012.
Great show and amazing bikes (and females) as usual. :-)

I guess I'll just let the pictures talk for themselves...

see...what did I tell you?

the boy in brown (BIB) feeling important

nice mini chopper

a Stallions copy of a Honda Gorilla

the new Tiger Boxer

...and the Tiger Retro

sold by Tiger...

also sold by Tiger

form over function...not really my thing

now that's a badass HD I could see myself riding

add your caption....I don't know what to say...

sweet little Duke, 200cc if I'm not mistaken

New in Thailand. Royal Enfield Bullet 500

even with fuel injection!


a timeless beauty!

I like it, apart from the tank

the new Kawa ER6-n 2012 is a stunning looking bike, despite those stickers

absolutely gorgeous!

HD used to build nice bikes...

a real Deus bike? hmmm I don't think so

Honda CX 500, belonging to a Nazi

very nice Yamaha SR400

an old MZ from Germany


some crazy contraptions

sexy bum

SR's aplenty

my friend fell in love with this one

an amazing SR400 custom, was featured in a few magazines already

Ducati for sale...only 190.000Baht

an (almost) mint Triumph for sale

needs some TLC

the mother of all rat bikes?

yes, she is.

Thai Retro Teens

who can help me out to identify this bike? The engine is from an SR, but the rest?

frame could be a Suzuki Temper?

it's the White Pearl!

a few interesting cars and trucks were also there


Thai Motorbike Rides said...

Great stuff mate, cheers.

The Omega Racer said...

Thanks, Bangkok Motorshow and big SR meeting coming up this month, too!

Anonymous said...

The frame of the "silver SR" could be from an old BSA A7, take a look on some pictures, especially the rear section.

cheers, Marc

The Omega Racer said...

Thanks Marc! It does indeed look like a BSA

Anonymous said...

In the late 90's (maybe 1997 release?) Daytona Japan sold the Gold star BSA with the SR engine. It was essentially a SR based on a BSA frame and fittings. Daytona and BSA or a BSA license holder got together to produce the bikes.

They were sold in Japan (maybe 100 were made?? not sure about that). Maybe they also sold in the UK for a while also. I have the sale info and catalog here somewhere.

If you check out You tube there was a video of the Daytona sales advert online a long time ago.

This bike however is heavily modified and is not like the bike released by Daytona other than the frame, oil tank and obviously whats left of the original bike / engine. The original had SR wheels, SR engine (stock trim), SR forks and a Daytona BSA type tank.

This example has a Rare Daytona head, and big bore cylinder kit (also made by Daytona). As it is a big dollar build maybe more fruit inside the engine (Kanrin stroker kit was common at that time also, was the left engine case cover enlarged?)

This bike has:

Daytona High port twin spark head
It would have a high lift cam (needed with the head to get it to run).

Daytona reinforced (big bore) Cylinder kit.

Yoshimura TMR MJN carby
Smith Kanrin Drum wheels
Italian forks (cerini)
Tank is maybe Stinky (CHS)
Peyton Place rear sets
Daytona headlight and gauges?
Ohlins rear shocks?

Just the above items make this bike a super expensive bike, back in the day it would of easily been a $$$$$$ bike, and with the cost of the original BSA / Daytona / Yamaha bike and what ever else is inside the engine, it is quite special.

The current owner might have imported the parts and built it locally, (seat / exhaust look local Thai). Who knows?

Either way it is a big $$$ build.

If it is a Japanese import I would love to know how this made its way to Thailand? Anyone know?

The Omega Racer said...

wow, thanks for that mate, you've accumulated some serious knowledge there!

Unfortunately I have nothing more than a few pictures about this bike...