March 16, 2012

DIY GPS holder

...Some say he can build a  working carburetor out of toothpicks...
others swear to have seen him racing a beam of light in Italy...
all we know....he's called the Omega Racer!

Another day, another project.
Today I finally decided to repair my GPS holder that broke about 3 months ago. While pondering on how to do it, I decided to build one by myself. My wife said I should just buy another one, but being a DIY enthusiast and a poor teacher, I quickly dismissed that option.
I already had a nice spare aluminium bracket and a sheet of plexiglass. That was enough to get me started. After that I had to find a way to keep the GPS in place, so I made a soft cover with some pieces of leather I had laying around. A few rivets here and there and new GPS holder was born, better, stronger and cheaper than the original one. Sure, it's not the most beautiful and the design could be tweaked a bit, but it's practical and unique for sure.......a bit like me. :-)

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Melody MOTO said...

Hi Makus , Great Idea.