October 28, 2012

New Yamaha SR Cub

For 2013 Yamaha offers a new SR 400 line-up. It's called the SRC, where "C" stands for CUB. 

The SRC sports a very handy front basket for your groceries and a practical rear luggage rack, in case you have some bulkier luggage or a chubby mother in law.

The styling is awesome like all things SR, especially the lighthouse sized turning light. After all, safety comes first. Also very attractive are the leg spoilers, wind protectors, splash guards or whatever you want to call those to flaps. 

All in all I welcome this new addition. I guess it was time to bring new blood in a bike that hasn't seen any major changes (apart from the EFI in 2010) in it's 34 year history.

The SR is dead, long live the SR!

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