October 8, 2012

Shop Review: mmfashions.com

I recently purchased a pair of used leather trousers form a shop in the UK called mmfashions.
They specialize in used vintage and designer clothing on ebay and recently started their own website.

Apparently they're still sorting out some technical problems with the synchronization of the two sites and that's where my troubles started. They had 2 different prices (3 if you count a 'special offer' period on ebay) and 2 different shipping fees. All very confusing...
I bought the trousers from their website, since the overall price was cheaper than on ebay. I then got an email from ebay saying that my offer got accepted, which was about 15Pounds cheaper than I payed.

When I confronted the seller, he apologized for the confusion and assured me that I would get a refund of the difference.

But after 2 weeks and 3 unanswered emails, I'm still waiting...

Now, I understand that sh*t happens, and 15 Pounds is not the end of the world, but ignoring customers emails is a very big NO NO in business and it pisses me off immensely. You should always go the extra mile to satisfy your customers, or you'll end up with negative feedback such as this one. And that's definitely not worth 15 Pounds.

That's a real pity, because there's nothing wrong with the trousers and the shipping was smooth and fast, although the packing could have been better.

Final Verdict:
Product: 10/10
Shipping: 8/10
Customer Service: 0/10

Would I recommend this shop? NO NO NO


Ben said...

Did you try calling them?

The Omega Racer said...

In these 2 weeks they had the time to send me 3 promotional emails...but not enough time to answer my emails? Why would I want to call them?