October 4, 2012

Saladin, A Little Gem in Chachoengsao

So, I went for a little spin around town, exploring unexplored rice field roads, when on the way back I decided to stop at a shop that caught my biker eye. A pretty special shop as it turned out.
Not only was it exquisitely decorated with vintage stuff, but there were old Harleys in every corner. Real eye candies!
The shop is called Saladin and if you're around Chachoengsao (it's next to BigC 1), you shouldn't miss paying a visit. "Es", the mechanic is a very nice guy and speaks decent English......and the coffee was only 10 Baht...that's 0.3$!

Indian with sidecar

1950s Harley engine with Thai made frame

sidecar used as storage...hmmmm

Es finishing his day's work

half a policeman...is still half too much, some might say

motorized bicycle, with Chinese engine

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