December 10, 2015

Project Sunmaster 14 - Fairing Mock-up

Slowly but surely I'm getting there.
Today I did a quick mock-up with the full aluminium fairing on my Yamaha SR400 to see how it will look. It was the very first time I took the fairing out of the box and put it on the bike. Installation was very easy. I've done it by myself in about 20 minutes. Granted, I didn't use all the brackets and screws, but that will only take another 10-15 minutes.

What's next?
Sorting out the electrical connections in the headlight, turning lights and stop light, and then we should be almost there.

The seat is at the upholstering shop, the very capable The Sports Custom in Bangkok, to cover the seat in genuine leather. Here I just used a Type 1 alu seat cowl I had in stock.

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