August 19, 2014

My daily commute to work (video)

A very short video I made to test my (very cheap) on-board camera. It's actually working quite well, but the battery seems to drain a bit too fast for my taste.

Anyway, this is my daily commute to work on my 2009 Kawasaki ER6n. Definitely not a long ride, but always full of surprises!

Also, as a bonus, check out this short docu about an SR rider in Bangkok and his 2 SR. If you can speak Thai, that would help...


yannick said...

so funny how he says lets ride it then the next scene hes riding the bike....wheres the kick start?!!!
then hes complaining that the kick start is hard...hahaha I wanted to see him try!

Omega Racer said...

How hard is it to start an SR?!?
My cat can do it with her left paw, when she's still sleepy and before having had her breakfast. tse tse tse