August 17, 2016

Bubba's final trip

Bubba's story has come full circle. After 3 years on the move, passing through Italy, Romania, Greece, Thailand and Australia, he found his final garage stop at my brother's garage. I entrusted him to my brother because I thought it was quite fitting to the whole story. My brother is a work animal and rarely enjoys a holiday, having never even used an aeroplane. In fact, it's safe to say, bubba has travelled more in 3 years than my brother in 40! On top of that he just acquired a new garage to have more space for his bike collection and this I thought, would make the perfect inauguration present.
Unfortunately, during his last (and longest) stay in Australia, no pictures were taken. The only consolation is that he got the signatures of Freddie Spencer and Steve Parish.

The cherry on the cake though, is that his story was just published on Germany's largest motorcycle magazine 'MOTORRAD' (issue 17, 2016), the very same that sent him to me in Thailand 3 years ago.
Funnily, they put a picture of my brother but used my name in the caption. We do look similar, but still.... :-)

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