August 24, 2017

Ruote Da Sogno - A 2 wheel heaven

My brother is an avid bike collector and we both share that passion for vintage bikes. There is however a special soft spot in both our hearts, reserved for small, vintage 2 stroke bikes.
The story goes that he found a place where there were lots of such bikes for sale, some 300km from our house.
One morning, after waking up with a nice hangover, I got a text message from him asking me if I wanted to go to visit that place sometime that week. I said sure thing, I'm all up for it. 5 minutes later I get another message saying he got the day off from work and he's on the way home. "Get ready and bring me the phone charger. Meet you in 20 mins". Crap
Mom and wife pissed off because I had to change all our plans for the day, but hey, it was one of those improvised and impulsive things that either go terribly wrong, or end up being a brilliant and unforgettable experience.
So, off we go, take the motorway and blast 300km in one go to Reggio Emilia, where "Ruote da Sogno" is located.
First though, we stopped at a special garage that specializes in vintage Ferraris.


First off, let me explain what Ruote da Sogno is. RdS is a gigantic showroom, with over a thousand classic and vintage bikes, as well as several interesting cars. This place is the brainchild of 2 friends, one being Stefano Aleotti, a wealthy businessman and Giuseppe Agnello, a car and motorcycle enthusiast. Money was not really an issue for their project, so they went all out on building the showroom and filling the 5.000sq meters with over 1.000 bikes and dozens of cars. The bikes were bought from entire collections and museums all over Europe and are now available for purchase to anyone.

This was the bike my brother was lusting after: A Guazzoni Matta 50cc

I forgot to mention...
When he told me about the RdS, my brother told me that he was actually interested in 2 bikes, but could only afford one, and that he just couldn't decide which one to buy.
Guess what, being the knight in shining armor that I am, I offered to buy the other one. The first time I saw the Teconomoto Special 50 on a picture, I was hooked.

They have some pretty remarkable bikes there. This 1946 Vespa for example, is the third ever produced Vespa. Also remarkable is the price tag: 250.000Euros!





A special mention should go to our amazing host: the very Giuseppe Agnello who co-owns the place, guided us on a complete 4 hour tour giving us tons of info about the exhibited bikes. In Italian we call people like him "malati di moto", meaning he's got the motorcycle 'sickness'.

They have a huge collection of 60's and 70's Italian 50cc bikes, called "cinquantini". There is a growing interest and market for these bikes, and the prices reflect this trend. Some cinquantini go for up to a staggering 25.000Euros for a Guazzoni Matta Ingranaggino!



Here are some of the more prestigious bikes. This Moto Guzzi V7 Sport with red frame....hmmmm

A Ducati MH Replica

A Laverda SFC 750

A Moto Guzzi MGS-01

Thank you again Giuseppe for the unforgettable day.  

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