January 5, 2013

Project TELOS

If you've been following this blog for a while you may or may not know how it all came to be, so here's a short resume` to everything into perspective.

Two years ago I bought a 1998 Yamaha SR400. I immediately fell in love with this bike and to share this passion I created this blog. Soon after, people started to contact me and asked me if I could find SR custom parts for them. This went on for a while, until a friend suggested setting up a website to do just that. Together we created www.omegaracer.com, where you can find Yamaha SR parts, custom helmets and t-shirts.

Things started rolling and the feedback has been very encouraging. What else was there to do?
Why, buy another Yamaha SR of course!

Not in Thailand, though. After all, I can only ride one bike at a time. No, I bought one in Germany! Why Germany? Because there's a huge SR community there and lots of bikes for sale, while in Italy there are only a handful SR.

I named my new project "TELOS". Telos is a Greek word meaning "final cause" or "ultimate puropse", and my purpose is to create something special. To make a long story short, with the help of another friend, I bought a very nice 1990 SR500 in Germany. This bike will travel to South Tyrol in the North of Italy, where another friend will be in charge of stripping down the bike and rebuilding it with parts I supply from Thailand.
I've provided the idea, the bike and the parts, but unfortunately, I can't be in two places at the same time. The practical side will be in the hands of my friend Thomas.

So, this blog will be home of the TELOS build thread, showing the up and downs that inevitably come with such a project.

I hope you'll enjoy the show!

This is what's happening at the moment....
My lovely SR500, awaiting to go to Italy...

such a beauty...almost too beautiful to customize it...

Fitted with a drum brake. Common in Thailand, but unusual in Germany

Most of the custom parts have been sourced and already sent off by ship. Got to keep the costs down ;-)

And here is what my twisted mind came up with. Sorry, no fancy photoshop here...just a very down-to-earth pen and paper job.

As usual, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

EDIT: 06/02/2013
She's now ready for transport to Italy. I just hope we won't have problems with the snow!
some snow in Germany

And some more snow...
But now she's safe in SouthTyrol! yeiii


Anonymous said...

You should find some tatty one for customize her. This one looks too good to change her!

The Omega Racer said...

I know what you mean, but I was lucky enough to find this one at a good price and not too far away. Plus it will save me a lot of money if I don't have to replace lots of rusty bits and pieces.

SakeRacer said...

as said already, that german sr is great!
perfect shape!
looks great!

keep the spare original parts!
i might need some!
(if i ever buy that sr that i found back in my hometown...)


The Omega Racer said...

do it, do it, do it!!!

need some more convincing?